An association established in 1427, authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, with permit No. 347. Our vision: To be an exemplary association in its management, technolo

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✨ Beneficiaries of the Al Ber Charity Association in Thuwal ✨

💥 need 💥

Paying the cut electricity bill

🔆Social status🔆

◼️ An elderly widow who is over sixty years old and has been confined to her home by illness

◼ Her five sons and daughters have no source of income other than the retirement of their father, may God have mercy on him

◼️ Their house is popular and humble, in which they live in cover and subsistence

Your giving will light up their home and put a smile on their face 🌿

Help them and don't be late

🌧️ Congratulations to you with an uninterrupted reward, as it was reported from the Prophet, peace be upon him, that he said: ((The one who seeks the widow and the needy is like the one who fights in the way of God, and I think he said: And like the one who does not falter, and like the fasting person who does not break)) 🍃

 Amount of the invoice due /

8,717 riyals

Donation Campaign Target
9,096 SAR 8,717 SAR

Campaign target achieved

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مشعل الشمري

11 months ago

تبرع الاسره المحتاجه سداد فاتوره كهرباء

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