An association established in 1427, authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, with permit No. 347. Our vision: To be an exemplary association in its management, technolo

Charity crane


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Charity crane

🌱 I make you an arrow in the good 🌱

✨ Charity crane is dedicated to downloading food baskets and water cartons for the association’s beneficiaries ✨

🔹 Carrying your kindness.. to water you and feed you 🔹

Contribute..about you and your parents..and who you love 💗

Share of goodness (70) riyals

Share of generosity (700) riyals

Ihsan share (7,000) riyals

🌱 Contribute even one riyal 🌱

📞 to contact and inquire

Donation Campaign Target
2,141.30 SAR 76,800 SAR

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